Sept 6, 2015

Ep. 11 "Ronin Against the Wind" is ready for your listening pleasure! As always our gear is here:

The Art of Radio has Returned

I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode. It takes me back to old radio shows like "The Shadow".I am anxiously anticipating episode 2 and the rest that follow!                                                                                      - The 0bserver

Fun, Entertaining & Suspenseful

The first episode is as fun as the title says. Everything from the Actors, Story & Sound Effects will entertain you from start to finish. I've always wanted a short story podcast and this one fits the mold just fine! 

                                                           - Drunkenwu of the Khaz Modan Server

Oct 30 ,2015

Halloween Special Is out! Enjoy this feel good tale of family goodness. Please rate, review, and subscribe on iTunes!

​Gloom Lake:


Weird Tales of the Frontier​​

A Monstrous Endeavors Production               

Sept 27, 2015 

Ep. 12 is available for download! Please enjoy "Nine-Tenths of the Law"!

Also, we have been nominated for an Audio Verse Award! We are very excited for our 3rd nomination this year!



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Nov 28 ,2015

Ep. 13 Pt. 1 "Upon Him Was Death" is now available for download! If you have enjoyed 

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